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What’s Growing On? Tomato update!

What’s Growing On? Tomato update!

Ahh tomatoes.

Our plants are huge but we have yet to see fully ripened tomatoes.

We seriously can’t wait.

Evie takes very good care of them, making sure they’re watered almost daily.

I had to stake them with branches already because they’re getting huge and heavy!

I’m not sure you can tell from the picture but one is almost taller than me and I’m 5’5″!!

We had a storm a few weeks back which strained a lot of them. I quickly reinforced the plants with the various tree branches we had laying around. Why buy stakes from the store when we have sturdy tree branches?!

I was worried they wouldn’t fully recover but it looks like they’re doing great!

I hope we aren’t gathering all our harvest in October like last year!

This year we did plant earlier (as opposed to last year lol) but I’m still worrying we didn’t plant soon enough!

But! There are tomatoes on the vines!!

We had a few casualties as we staked the plants a bit more. They’ll ripen inside hopefully or fried green tomatoes?! That sounds great to me too!!

Sooner than later, we’re hoping to enjoy these babies! And share recipes too!!