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What’s Growing On?!

What’s Growing On?!

Evie loves to garden. She has a ton of pots all over the yard with her “flowers” She takes great care of them, making sure they’re watered every day. She takes especially great care of her tomatoes.

Every summer we’ve always grown basil. Where we have it in the yard seems to be the the best place for it! They get so huge! They’re excellent for making sauce(which I happen to have simmering on the stove already since 9 am) and caprese salad!

They’re also great for eating the leaves straight off the plant, thats what Evie does! Their smell once you pick the leaves you can smell all the way across the yard. They smell sooooooo good!!

We’ll share pictures whenever we have the ingredients for the caprese salad! It’s so easy and refreshing! Plus we’re growing tomatoes, so we’ll have plenty on hand as well!

The plants are so plentiful, friends and family always pluck a few leaves for them to take home every time they visit!