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Unicorns are Real!

Unicorns are Real!

Well, in Unicorn cake form.

Just don’t tell Evie they aren’t 😉

Since like, May of this past year, Evie has been requesting a Unicorn birthday for her birthday in December. I came across this really amazing video on Facebook for a Unicorn cake

So why the heck wouldn’t we make it?!

Easy peasy! Riiiight.

But, it did turn out pretty cute!

First, find an egg cake mold on eBay. As well as an oven safe bowl. I used a medium sized glass Pyrex bowl.

Egg Cake mold
Egg Cake mold
Egg Cake mold
Egg Cake mold


Mix up two boxes of cake mix, according to the directions(I wasn’t about to make this cake from scratch!) Then divide it into 4 bowls. Because of course it needs to be rainbow inside!

And seriously, let’s complicate it a little bit more to compensate for not making it from scratch!

Color each bowl of batter a different color. We used neon food coloring here. I love the colors they have. They come out much more fun than the basic primaries.

Grease and flour up your egg mold and Pyrex bowl. You will need two egg cakes. I only have one mold so I washed in between baking the two. The glass bowl will be used for the body of the unicorn.

Put a little bit of one color on the bottom, then add the next color in the center, repeat with remaining colors until the mold is a little more than half full. Bake according to the box instructions. Watch your cake for doneness depending on your oven. Our first egg and bowl cake took about 45 minutes. I’d recommend keeping an eye on it after 30 minutes. It will be done once a toothpick inserted comes out clean. Remove from oven and allow to cool. When the cake has cooled enough to remove from the egg mold, allow to cool completely on a wire rack.

Wash mold and grease again. Unless you have two molds for your egg cakes.

Then repeat steps for your second egg. And put in oven to bake!

Colored Cake Batter
Colored Cake Batter

Assembly is fairly easy if you follow the video

You’ll need:

Large popsicle sticks

Wooden dowel (for horn)

Toothpicks (for ears)

6 inch diameter cardboard circle

Cake board or cookie sheet


Large batch of buttercream (possibly two batches)

Various sprinkles ie: Non-pareils etc

Fondant: Black, pink, white (I bought small colored tubs from Michaels)


The large popsicle sticks/dowels we found at Michaels.

You can measure how long you need your popsicle sticks by stacking the two egg cakes together, leaning on the bowl cake and eyeballing where you need to cut them. This also gives you an idea where to place them on your cardboard.

Score the circle in order to hot glue the popsicle sticks onto it.

Assemble according to video directions.

I first applied a crumb coat. Since it was freezing outside, we covered it loosely in plastic wrap and let it chill in the car for an hour.

While the cake was chilling, I assembled the fondant pieces for the ears, muzzle, eyes and horn. We couldn’t get the food safe gold spray I had purchased for the horn, to adhere correctly so we rolled the horn in rainbow non-pareils instead.

Set aside a few cups of buttercream for the mane and tail. I dyed them purple and pink. You could choose whatever color you’d like! Then I applied my buttercream once the crumb coat/cake was chilled enough. This really just reduces the crumbs of cake in your frosting.

Apply the fondant pieces, then decorate to your hearts content!!

I used American buttercream, next time I might try a different kind. I wanted it to be more smooth, it just kept drying too fast on me! Never before have we used buttercream in this way. Not even piping decoratively!

We were basically in a time crunch and still finishing up the cake when everyone started arriving for her party!

And the only picture I have of the cut cake:

Not bad for our first time huh?

I think next time, we need to allow more time to concentrate on the decorating. But for what it was I think it turned out so cute! And Evie totally loved it!! Tasted great too!!

Unicorn Cake
Unicorn Cake

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