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Turtle cupcakes, Dude!

Turtle cupcakes, Dude!

A while back, we were gifted a couple of Disney cookbooks. Evie has been begging me to make something from them since we started baking and cooking more.

Especially The Disney Princess Cookbook! I mean why wouldn’t that be her first choice?!

This book is so darned cute! Everything from drinks, breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert! All themed to a different Princess or sidekick. Perfect for Disney lovers like ourselves!!

Originally, she wanted make the Monkey bread recipe in it. (Sure, this would be easy!) This time she threw a curve ball and decided turtle cupcakes would be more appropriate for our Father’s Day treat.

So, we made turtle cupcakes! While super cute and adorable, were they ever tedious in prep.

You wouldn’t catch me making a cake and its frosting from scratch on this one!!

Make your cupcakes according to their directions and cool. We chose Blue Velvet cake mix and green frosting (they’re turtles right?)

We like to use a baggie, filled with the desired frosting, tip cut off,  to easily frost quickly and mess free as possible. Obviously, I frosted most of those 😉

To assemble the turtles, you’ll need gum drops, peach rings and orange slices.

Cut the oranges in half length wise, dip the fresh cut in sugar to make them stick less.

Cut again in half to create the “flippers”  and again, dip the fresh cuts in sugar. Trust me, the less sticky the better.  I also trimmed them up a bit to make them shaped more like a flipper.


Place your peach ring in the middle of your frosted cupcake, cut the top of the gumdrop off, and place where the turtles head will be. Use the bottom half of the gum drop, sugar side up, and place on top of the peach ring as his “shell” Then place 4 little flippers, 2 on each side of the peach ring and you’re done!

But really if you’re feeling adventurous, you can add eyes. A few of ours ended up with some. But as it turns out, adding tiny sprinkles to represent eyes on a candy turtle with a toddler is an almost impossible task!

We gave up. And I’m okay with that!

Aren’t they so cute??

They are quite a bit of sugar but they tasted great! And you could go more “realistic” with the colors if you wanted to but I wasn’t buying bags and bags of gumdrops just so we had all orange or all green turtles! You can tell they’re turtles anyway!