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The Patriotic Cake!!

The Patriotic Cake!!

For the Fourth of July (I know I’m a little late), Evie and I decided to make a very Patriotic cake. Red, White and Blue, flags, the whole bit. It turned out so awesome, there’s even a surprise inside! Evie was SO SO good about not telling anyone, I’m sure she was distracted by all the swimming she did, she wouldn’t get out of the pool!

I found this recipe for Marshmallow fondant on my beloved Pintrest. Its so easy, a little messy but definitely easy.

Marshmallow Fondant Recipe

Its from How Does She and its a step by step tutorial. How could it not be any easier than that?!

As for our surprise, we followed the directions here, at Glorious Treats.

So we got to work on baking our cakes. Since the cake was a bit involved we decided to go with a store bought white cake mix. We baked our cakes as directed on the back of the box but added milk instead of water to make it more rich in flavor. As well as added the required food coloring to each according to the Glorious Treats tutorial. We ended up with 4 cakes, 2 red, 1 white and one blue.

I wish I had more pictures of us baking the cakes, but it was a lot to make so we just banged them out quick!

Then we got to building our cake!

Evie was definitely a fan of all the leftover cake we had as we went lol.

Once assembled, we frosted the cake, with store bought icing.

Then, we got to our fondant.

I very quickly realized rolling out the fondant, no matter how appealing it is to a toddler, is NOT for a toddler to do. The stickiness of the marshmallows and grease from the shortening could cause quite the disaster. Not to mention when you add food coloring into the mix!!

But as messy as it may be, it sure is easy.

I prepared the fondant as shown on How Does She

Be careful you can over knead the fondant. I also would suggest REALLY greasing down your counter top because this stuff sticks!

I worked with only three colors: red, white and blue.

First I divided the fondant in half, setting aside the white to cover the entire cake. Then I split the other half into two, one to knead in red coloring and the other, the blue coloring.

Mixed in the food coloring,  kneaded and mixed, kneaded and mixed, until I got the color I wanted.

Then, I rolled out the white fondant, making sure my counter was dusted with powdered sugar so it wouldn’t stick. Rolled out enough to cover the cake, about 1/8 inch thick. Definitely use the tricks on the How Does She site, they made everything a lot easier to do.  Save your white trimmings, you’ll need those to cut out your stars!

Once the cake was covered in white, I set out to roll the blue to cover half of the cake. Again, 1/8 inch thick, using a pizza cutter, cut a straight edge. This will be used to divide the cake and give it a clean look, as you’re going to put the red stripe adjacent. Brush a small amount of water on the white half of the fondant you’ll be laying down the blue, drape over the half the cake and trim edges.

Note: Do not use too much water, it will dilute the fondant, make it look a little grainy and separate(You can definitely see in my stripes picture below.)

Roll out the red fondant. Using the pizza cutter, cut into 1/2 inch strips, trimming the edge that will touch the blue to a straight edge. Then apply each strip 1/2 inch apart(with a minimal amount of water), resembling the stripes on the flag.

And finally, knead your leftover white trimmings and roll out to 1/8 inch thick. Using a small star cookie cutter dusted with powdered sugar,  cut out 10-15 stars depending on the size of your cutter. Apply them like the rest, a small amount of water and press gently.

There are so many variations you could make your cake, so have fun with it! We didn’t stick to the exact number of stripes and stars, if we did we would’ve need a bigger cake!!

Either way its totally fun and festive for the Fourth of July, Flag day or Memorial day etc.

It definitely wasn’t perfect for my second time using fondant but you get the idea!

I thought it looked great even though I could point out all the flaws we had.

Everyone else thought it was beautiful and that’s all that really matters!

It even got double use as a birthday cake for one of our loved ones! And we were super excited about that!!

It was awesome to see everyone’s faces when we cut into the cake. So much fun!!