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Our NY Yankees Themed Cookies

Our NY Yankees Themed Cookies

Aka: Blue and White(almost) M&M cookies!

I’m always on the lookout for really great Chocolate Chip cookies, a little bit chewy and packed with chocolatey goodness!

I came across this great recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction for Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

Towards the end of her post she suggests trying the cookies with M&M’s.


We had a bag of Blue and off-white ones sitting around from my Sister In Law’s bridal shower.

Thus, Yankees M&M cookies were born! Also we were watching the game while we made them.


Even though they didn’t =(

Its okay though, we didn’t even expect them to make it as far as they did!!

Good job, Boys!

On to the cookies!

First mix up the dry ingredients and set aside.

Girl pouring flour in to mixing bowl
Pour in the flour
Don’t forget the baking soda!

Luckily, my Husband was around to take pictures for us. So we have the ever rare photos of Mommy and Evie together <3

Mommy and Evie mixing dough
Mixing up the dough together

Once we got the sugars and butter incorporated in another bowl, we mixed in our dry ingredients.

Pour in Dry ingredients

All mixed up and ready for the M&M’s!!

Cookie Dough in mixing bowl
Cookie Dough

We chilled our cookies overnight and rolled them the next day.

girl rolling cookie dough into balls
Rolling the cookie balls

Set them up for baking on our silpat and baking sheet.

Evie making sure there were enough M&M’s on each

And then they were off to the oven for baking!

These cookies are made to be a bit underdone, they turned out pretty good although could have used maybe another minute or two in the oven.

They were delicious but a bit sweet with the added M&M’s.

However, they were very pretty!!

NY Yankees(inspired) M&M Cookies

We would make these again for sure, although I would probably cut a bit of the sugar if we’re still using M&M’s in our recipe.

Thank You, NY Yankees, for a good run this year.

It was exciting watching you play so hard.

We can’t wait until next year!!!