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A Lesson in Cherry Pitting!

A Lesson in Cherry Pitting!

Cherries! We love cherries!

They were on sale at our grocery store so we bought up a bag. But, we never eat the whole thing, they go bad before we finish them.

What to do?

Make Cherry Pie!!!

Pitting the cherries is the hard part, or so we thought! Evie mastered it in no time!!

So, as you see, all you need is a straw and a bottle! Easy peasy!

While it is messy, see cherry juice everywhere, this toddler had a blast pitting the cherries and was upset when we were done.

But we got to cooking up the filling for the pie.

We used a recipe we found on Pinterest. Again lol

This time from Gal Meets Food. Her site is gorgeous!

Cherry Crumble Pie
It was super easy since we decided to use a pre made crust from the store. Especially since we were making a crumb topping. If we didn’t, you bet we’d be making it from scratch!

Obviously, exercise caution when allowing a toddler near a hot stove.

We boiled down the cherry mixture and then allowed it to cool completely in the fridge.

Next, we got to work on the crumb topping.

We then filled our pre made pie crust, which we had baked a bit before filling.

And sprinkled the crumb all over the top!

And popped that baby in the oven!!

Now, I feel pretty darn silly because I didn’t take any after photos. BUT I can tell you the pie was delicious! We all loved it!

Although for me, I’d like a less crunchy texture on the crumb topping. That’s just me though. It gives it a nice ratio of smooth filling to crunchy topping!

Definitely a pie recipe worthy of those in season cherries!!