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Kolaches. A Family Recipe.

Kolaches. A Family Recipe.



However you pronounce it, we’re KOL-AH-CHI over here, we love them.

I am of Czech descent. These little sweet buns were commonly made, as far as I am aware, in the areas of central Europe. Ie: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland etc.

And it just so happens the Czech had settled in Central Texas bringing their yummy fruit and poppy seed filled goodness with them.

Sweet, doughy, goodness.

I always beg my husband to bring them back for me whenever he visits Texas.

Side note: I’m from Texas 😉

Growing up I had relatives on both sides of my family who made these yummy little buns of heaven.

I’ll never forget my Great Grandmother’s kolaches. They were soo good. She’d always have a batch proofing over her oven. In her house with barely any electricity. I never questioned it.

Now the bathrooms on the other hand, there were none!

Let’s just say I was introduced to an “Outhouse” at a very young age!

Evie only knows of buckets, not Outhouses, from our fun bathroom remodel! (Which reminds me, we never got to a finished post did we?)

But I digress.



Back to kolaches.

My sister convinced me that we needed to make them.

Since we were working on cinnamon rolls and yeast anyway, why not?

Wait for one to rise and make the other. Easy peasy. LOL

I came across an old family recipe and decided to give that a go.

I think for next time, I’d prefer a little more sweetness.


You can use margarine or butter in place of Oleo.

I usually use shortening.

With most recipes that call for yeast dough to rise, I set my oven to the lowest setting and allow that to warm up while I’m preparing the dough.

In our case, our oven only goes down to 175 degrees.

Prep your yeast! The temperature of your warm water should be about 110 degrees.

Allow the yeast to sit for five minutes and in the meantime, combine your other ingredients as shown in recipe!

Kolache Dough
Kolache Dough

Make sure you have turned off your oven by this time and allow the dough to rise inside.

It should take about an hour.

Once it has doubled punch it down and allow for a second rise.

Again, back in the oven.

Hopefully you have decided on your fillings for the buns. If not, now’s the time to get them put together and ready before the second rise has completed.

We went with a savory Pimento cheese and a sweet apricot filling.

Most of these you can google recipes for online.

Other options could be cherry, poppy seed, blueberry, etc. Basically almost any pie filling can work if you wanted.

Some people also love sausage and cheese, which are so SO GOOD. But I can’t find the right kind of sausage here in New York so why set myself up for that kind of disappointment?!

Once the dough has risen again, remove from oven to prep for your buns.

By this point, you should have your fillings ready to go!

This time around I might have pinched off a bit more dough than I should have. I went for almost a small fist sized pinch of dough when it could have easily been a golf ball sized. It all depends on your fillings.

But our ratio of bread to filling was way too high.

We flattened out the pieces of dough for our pimento cheese, placed a spoonful in the center and pinched the dough to close in the cheese.

Place on a greased cookie sheet and allow them to rise for about 10 minutes more.

Pimento Cheese Kolaches
Pimento Cheese Kolaches

For the apricot filling, you make a small “well” or indent in the flattened ball of dough in order to “fill” with your filling, open.

Kolaches waiting for Fruit FIllings
Kolaches waiting for Fruit FIllings

After allowing the buns to rise again after being filled, we placed them in a 350 degree oven for 20-30 minutes.

In our case it took about 40 since we made them much too large. I do recommend making them just a bit smaller.

You could also roll the dough out and cut them that way. I prefer sticking to what I know 😉

Once they’re nice and golden, remove them from the oven and brush with butter while still warm.

Then eat to your hearts content!!

Buttered Kolaches
Buttered Kolaches
Apricot Kolaches
Apricot Kolaches


I can’t wait to make these again!

With a few adjustments of course, and new fillings!!!