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Aruba – Toddler Style

Aruba – Toddler Style

Oh, Aruba.

Its gorgeous, albeit a bit windy. But the beauty of that was, staying right on the beach there were barely any bugs!

My Husband and I love to travel, especially to the Caribbean. We have taken plenty of cruises, visiting a lot of the islands in the area. As well as honeymooned in the Bahamas. So when we got the travel itch again and Disney wasn’t on the list at the moment, we wanted to find some where safe and beachy for Evie’s first International trip!

I researched a lot before we chose where to go. We only had two criteria, somewhere in the Caribbean and safe for families. Now I really don’t know much about traveling to all these islands, most of it is what you should be doing here, be aware of surroundings, be smart and trust no one hahah.

Aruba came up on our short list, especially when our travel agent, Barbara, suggested it. So I checked it out online. They accept the American dollar, their drinking water is beyond compare to anyone else in the world (seriously), bus systems and low crime.

She even stayed at the resort we were looking at numerous times and loved it!

So we booked it.

Great. Now we have to deal with a 4 1/2 hour flight with a 2 year old!

Waiting for our flight

She was fantastic. And played with the oddest of things while on the flight. I was armed with stickers, gel window clings, snacks, a kindle loaded with videos, and play dough. She played with tissues and hand sanitizer wipes. Mainly just pulling them out and tearing them up. Who am I to argue with a toddler who is quiet and content on the flight?! Snacks were also a big hit!

Landed in Aruba and took the shuttle no more than 15 minutes to our resort. Evie LOVED the shuttle ride and watching everything we passed on the way.

When we got to the resort, we quickly checked in and settled in our room. Every room at this resort had an ocean view, it was gorgeous!


Of course, Evie saw the pool and was ready to swim. That is pretty much all we did while we were there. The resort has a sister resort we were allowed to use as well. We split a lot of our time between the two, swimming in the pools as well as the ocean.


The beaches were gorgeous, although ours was much more rocky than the other resort. Due to it’s location on the island, it is subject to erosion back and forth through the years. Nonetheless, I’m happy with having an oceanfront room and having to trek a little if I want a beach.

Evie had TONS of fun running back in forth in and out of the waves. It was the first time her toes had touched the Caribbean. She loved it until a wave knocked her down and she gulped saltwater! Now she knows to watch out!


Our resort was All Inclusive which was great. We ordered drinks and food anytime we wanted. Evie was especially fond of the Pina Coladas! Virgin of course!

Most of our vacation was spent eating at all the great restaurant options the resort offered. As well as swimming, LOTS AND LOTS of swimming.  We were in the room most nights by 8:30! But, not before passing through the awesome buffet conveniently located on our way back to our room. Needless to say we took advantage of the dessert portion every night! Luckily, we ventured off the resort when we first got there. My husband and I were able to purchase beer and wine for our room, along with the much needed milk for Miss E!

So we spent our nights relaxing on our balcony watching the sun go down, drinks in hand and not a care in the world!

Except for Evie, wondering which dessert she’d bring back to the room the next day!

Sunset at the Tamarijn

I’d go back in a heart beat.

I wish we had made time to check out more of the Island. But all three of us were content relaxing by the pool/beach and swimming all day!

Next time, I want to rent a car so we could see more of what this gorgeous Island has to offer!!