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Apple Picking!

Apple Picking!

It is fall much to my chagrin. BUT! Apples are in season and we love to go apple picking!

More Apples

However, on the day we went it was almost 90!!

Whatever is going on with this weather, I’ll take it. It sure beats freezing my butt off!!

We went with the family to our favorite orchard, DuBois Farms.

I love it there and now they even have a tavern with local beers and ciders!!

That’s a win if there was ever one!!

Thankfully, we decided to go in the morning because by noon we were all sweaty and gross!

Evie enjoyed picking the apples off the trees. It wasn’t her first time but she loves it just the same.

A little help from Daddy

She wanted to reach the very best apples!!

They had so many types of apples; Fuji, Gala, Honeycrisp and a bunch of others!

We grabbed mostly Fuji (they were huge!) and Gala’s.

I had wanted to grab the Honeycrisp too but it was so hot out, I didn’t make the trek up the hill to get them. I’m kicking myself now because they’re perfect little baking apples!

Tiny Town

They have a great play area for the kiddos called “Tiny Town”

They’re a bunch of themed houses the kids can play in and they all seemed to love it.

Im sure the adults love it too. Especially since they can go grab a beer/cider at the Tavern and sit at the picnic tables to enjoy their beverages and watch the kids play!

DuBois always has pumpkins they grow and bring in the fields near the main barn, for you to pick from their farm.

We always make a point to go back, grab more apples and a pumpkin or two once its closer to Halloween!

Its one of our favorite spots in Hudson Valley.

Very friendly, beautiful and so many activities to choose from makes it perfect for us!

It also helps that its not too crowded every time we go unlike some other Orchards/Farms in the area!


Hopefully Evie and I will have some apple recipes for you soon!

We can’t wait to get baking!!