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Month: October 2017

Halloween Craft Fun! 

Halloween Craft Fun! 

On days where we just don’t feel like baking we make a craft or play games. We found these really cool craft kits at Michaels the other day and couldn’t wait to get started. Even better was they were 50% off! So for $2.50, we […]

Our NY Yankees Themed Cookies

Our NY Yankees Themed Cookies

Aka: Blue and White(almost) M&M cookies! I’m always on the lookout for really great Chocolate Chip cookies, a little bit chewy and packed with chocolatey goodness! I came across this great recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction for Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Towards the end of […]

Take Me Out to the Ball Game: NY YANKEES!!

Take Me Out to the Ball Game: NY YANKEES!!

My husband and I are pretty big Baseball fans, New York Yankees, naturally.

Well, my husband is a pretty big fan of any sports in general.

No lie, we once watched the World Series of Darts when nothing else was on! LOL


We were lucky enough to have some tickets to the last regular game of the season at the Stadium.

Perfect time to take Evie.

We weren’t expecting everyone to be playing since they clenched the Wild Card. IE:Judge =(

So we went, knowing Evie may get bored(HA! A 3 year old bored?!)

We decided to grab a few sandwiches on the way down and give Evie the full tailgating experience.

She loved it!

Eating chips and sitting in the back of the car, what kid wouldn’t?!

Tailgating Evie Style

We took a short walk to the Stadium right before game time. I think she was in awe of all the Baseball fans (and the peddlers) we saw walking in.

Looking at the baseball field

We took her around the Stadium showing her all the fun stuff we loved.

She happened to notice(no surprise here) a hot pink stuffed Yankees bear at one of the stands she HAD to have. We promised, before we went back to our seats, she’d get that bear.

She would not stop talking about it as we went around the stadium. I’m pretty sure the Yankees will make sure they have enough hot pink stuffed bears in the stadium, Kid. (BUT apparently not in the “Women’s store” WTH?!)

Eventually, but not soon enough by Evie’s standards, We got to the main store and got the darn bear.

With a happy child we went back to our seats to watch the game.

We even grabbed a few snacks along the way.

girl eating hot dog in stadium seats
You have to have a hot dog!!

Even though the Yankees lost, I think Evie enjoyed every bit of it. I know I did!

We’ll be back, I’m sure of it!!

And on to the POST SEASON!!


Apple Picking!

Apple Picking!

It is fall much to my chagrin. BUT! Apples are in season and we love to go apple picking! However, on the day we went it was almost 90!! Whatever is going on with this weather, I’ll take it. It sure beats freezing my butt […]

Blueberry Muffin Cake

Blueberry Muffin Cake

This cake, you guys. Its definitely a keeper recipe. Make again. Make it for your family. Make it for your friends. Tell EVERYONE. They NEED to make it ASAP. It’s that good. I can’t take credit for it though, it came from Cookies and Cups […]