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The Last Thing We Baked.

The Last Thing We Baked.

It definitely has been real quiet around here huh? And it has been intentional to focus on myself and my health. Nothing too serious I assure you. But what has really sucked is, not baking. And especially not baking with Evie. It really is an […]

Hey, Hey, Heyyy

Hey, Hey, Heyyy

Hey Guys. Its been a while huh? I’m clearly no good at updating the blog when life is happening, eh? I promise we’ve been doing stuff! You can even follow me over on Instagram @livingevie I made this awesome cake for a going away party […]

Stonecrop Gardens in Cold Spring

Stonecrop Gardens in Cold Spring

The weather is starting to get nice here in New York.


So, even though it’s a bit early to see all the gardens blooming, we took a trip over to Stonecrop Gardens in Cold Spring.

Such a gorgeous place!

There is an admission fee of $10, $5 for kids and seniors, Free under 3. It is walkable but once you get near the Rock Ledge etc, I wouldn’t recommend strollers. So if you have kiddos under 3, bring them in a carrier!

For the upkeep and beauty of a place such as this, its totally worth it!

I cannot wait to go back when all the gardens are blooming, I bet it is BEAUTIFUL!

There are pools of water in so many places, teeming with all sorts of activity.

We saw so many frogs we lost count, including frog eggs!

Bullfrog Sunning itself

There are two gorgeous Koi in the main pond near the Conservatory.

Koi Fish
Koi Fish

Evie loved walking along with her little camera, snapping pictures of all the wildlife.

Evie checking out some frogs
Evie checking out some frogs

Rock Bridge
Rock Bridge

They even have a cool Rock Bridge you can cross, carefully!

And beautiful greenhouses of plants of all kinds!

You can even purchase your own!

Awesome architectural structures around the pools.

I definitely can’t wait to go back when the weather is warmer and more flowers are blooming!

Worth the trip for sure!

Just be sure to bring lunch and lots of water with you!

A Gorgeous Chocolate Tart

A Gorgeous Chocolate Tart

This Dark Chocolate Tart popped up in my news feed a few weeks back from Baker’s Brigade. It was so insanely beautiful and sounded so delicious, I just had to make it for Easter!! The steps involved were fairly easy and the ingredients simple, we […]

A Teapot fit for a Princess!

A Teapot fit for a Princess!

When Evie’s Nursery school BFF’S Mom asked if we would be interested in making her BFF’s birthday cake, of course we jumped at the chance! Anytime I get to make a cake and be creative, I’m all for it. Unfortunately, it never seems like there […]



Sorry Guys

If you have been checking the site for updates, there hasn’t been much.

I apologize for that!

Clearly, blogging consistently is NOT my forte!

But I promise you, Evie and I have still been cooking and baking!

I’ve actually been finding myself a bit interested in cake decorating.

Who knew?

I have no experience really as far as school or classes are concerned, but it has been a creative outlet for me I didn’t know I needed.

I need more excuses to make cake! HA!

The Unicorn cake we made for Evie’s birthday has really been the catalyst to all of this.

unicorn cake
Unicorn Cake!

Then we made a Teapot Cake for Evie’s BFF at school. Which was so fun and so challenging!

teapot cake
I’m a Little Tea Pot…

We also made a cake for my Brother and Sister In Law’s housewarming party.

This one is a favorite of mine. I love the simplicity of it and THAT BANNER!


So really, we’re here. Just checking in.

Still baking.

Still creating.

Hopefully I can get more time(and Planning LOL) to have more to share with you guys soon!

Unicorns are Real!

Unicorns are Real!

Well, in Unicorn cake form. Just don’t tell Evie they aren’t 😉 Since like, May of this past year, Evie has been requesting a Unicorn birthday for her birthday in December. I came across this really amazing video on Facebook for a Unicorn cake So […]

Kolaches. A Family Recipe.

Kolaches. A Family Recipe.

KOL-AH-CHI? KOL-ACK-IE? However you pronounce it, we’re KOL-AH-CHI over here, we love them. I am of Czech descent. These little sweet buns were commonly made, as far as I am aware, in the areas of central Europe. Ie: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland etc. And it […]

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

Hey, remember me??

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and Happy New Year!

We had such craziness up until and through our holidays, our New Year’s Eve was very low key as you can see lol

Between the busy-ness of the holidays and us being sick for a few weeks, it was rough.

But we had a great Christmas and were happy we got to spend it with all of our loved ones!


I’m hoping this year will bring a lot more fun for us, the same as the last!

We will still be baking(haven’t stopped lol) and cooking as usual. Although, probably posting a little less.

Trying to keep up every week like I’ve done in the past has proven hard this time around. As you have probably noticed!

Sorry about that.

BUT! I will be posting again, we have a few things we’re cooking up in the next few weeks. So stay tuned.


Hope everyone has a great New Year!!!!





Do You Like Cinnamon Rolls?!

Do You Like Cinnamon Rolls?!

with BACON?! Bacon Cinnamon Rolls? We love Bacon. Evie could eat a pound of it on her own in one sitting(which is terrible for you, we know.) But of course we don’t allow that!! When she heard we were gonna add bacon to the Cinnamon […]